YK Focus On Faux Fur Fabric

OEM/ODM Various Faux Fur Fabric like Long Pile Plush,Short Pile Fur, Rabbit Fur, Brushing Fur, Etc. With Low MOQ

Little About YK Textile

YK is the brand from Shanghai Yuekun Textile Co.,ltd who focus on faxu fur fabric since its establishment.We call us expert on faux fur fabric because we can provide any kind faux fur fabric you need with high quality and fast delivery, that’s the reason why we cooperate with Adidas, Mango, ZARA, C&K, Tommy, Express, NEXTDKNY, VM, Desigual etc. Learn YK More

Check YK Latest Plush Fabric To Select Your Required Faux Fur Fabrics From Us

Short Pile Jacquard/Printing Series Faux Furs

We know different design own different demand on the pile pattern so we can provide Jacquard and Printing pattern according to your design demand meanwhile meet your quality requirement too!

Rabbit Fur Series Faux Furs!

YK Rabbit Fur is famous for its very unqiue and special design. We use latest fashion elements on our rabbit fur products and we can also create the design subject to your requirement!

Sherpal Fleece Faux Fur!

No matter whether you need plain color sherpal fleece faux fur or vivid design fleece faux fur YK can provide to you as you wish!

Other Series Faux Furs!

You can check YK Bonding Series, Brushing/Shearing Series, Plain Color Series, Polyester Series, Roller Beam Cashmere Series faux fur fabrics below!

Some Famous Brand YK Have Cooperated

Let YK Be Your Reliable Partner Now To Save You Time And Cost!