In the spring, Xiaobai T is the first choice for the bottom, simple and easy to wear, the weather turns hot white T is a fashion trend, the classic omnipotent white T will never be outdated, although the white T is simple, but fashion The influx of people is the street shooter who can wear it out of the trend. Although simple, but the fashion temperament does not lose other items.

Let’s take a look at the small white T of the hand, how is it popular in the fashion circle.

Small white T+ jeans

One of the simplest white T with retro rolled jeans, white shoes, refreshing and comfortable to wear, but beautiful, but also look good.

Kendall Jenna’s high-cut pants, with a simple letter print white T, foot white shoes, bare feet, young and stylish.

The short white T shows a small waist, sexy and stylish, with a hole in the jeans, full of moisture.

Little white T+ short skirt

Minimalist white T with dark skirt, slim and very refreshing shape, then wear sunglasses to add fashion.

The white T-shirt of the shirt is matched with the earth-colored A-line skirt, which complements each other.

Big cousin Liu Wen Xiaobai T with a personality split bag hip skirt, simple and refreshing shape, but also very long legs sexy.

Small white T+ bib

Wang Xiaodan wears a small white T with age-wearing denim overalls, comfortable and stylish to wear, youthful and full of vitality. Wearing a newspaper hat and walking on small shoes, it is a street trend in England.

In the leather bib pants, take a small white T, youthful ageing wear, very summer feeling.

Ouyang Nana is wearing a small white T with light-colored shredded bib pants, youthful and very girly, with white sneakers and a vibrant sun.

Small white T+ hot pants

Song Hao wearing a printed white T with hot pants appeared in the airport, feet on the exquisite white shoes, the long legs of the fashionable wear, very horrible.

Small white T+ jacket

Black handsome suit with comfortable white T, wearing loose jeans, workplace hipsters, wearing a suit to choose casual wear, feet on black high heels, casual and comfortable, but the temperament is not reduced.

Dark denim jacket with a white T inside, white casual pants, casual and handsome shape, full of fashion,

Now I know how to match the white T! The trend is as simple as that.