South Korea’s fashion industry has always been sensitive to fashion trends. At present, many clothing and grocery brands in Korea have also put their focus on environmentally friendly design, using artificial leather, recycled fiber and other fabrics instead of animal products, and launched a series of vegan trend products. Liang Yunya, 37, is the founder of a Korean online fashion brand. Opening the brand’s website, whether it’s a winter fur coat or a summer dress shorts, looks no different from other brands. Liang Yunya said that in fact, these clothes are “vegan” clothes that do not use animal fur or silk.

Financial Channel Special Reporter Li Aixing: This short coat usually requires about 40 pieces of fur to be used for stitching, but the brand uses artificial fur to create the same comfortable feel. Moreover, the style of the artificial fur coat is more, and it is easier to take care of. The price is only about 20% of the fur coat.

The core of vegan fashion products is the ideal material to find alternative animal materials. This trend store in the famous cultural district of Seoul has recently attracted a lot of discussion on the social networking site due to the bark material. Nearly 100 fashion items, including handbags, wallets, and umbrellas, are made from oak bark that grows on the Mediterranean coast. This bark can be recycled and reused, and it is also waterproof and antibacterial.

Head of the Seoul Bark Bag Shop in Seoul, South Korea:At first it was bark, people are very repulsive, we need to repeat. However, with the changes in social cognition, more and more customers lament that they can make very decent goods without harming animals.

In addition, companies use recycled materials such as waste umbrella fabrics and plastic bottles to make fashion bags such as cosmetic bags and round neck shirts, which are also sought after by consumers.Go back to Sohu and see more


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