Daily Love Letter:A person for a lifetime, always sad for a while, happy for a while, gathered for a while, scattered for a while, youth for a while, vicissitudes for a while, no matter what time, don’t forget, no matter how ugly you are, there will always be a don’t give up Your people are with you, not for a while but for a lifetime.Floral skirtFloral elements are definitely the most in-class items in spring and summer. Fresh and sweet floral skirts can be combined with sweaters in spring and T-shirts in summer.

As one of the popular colors, the green is decorated with small florals, which is in line with the spring and summer atmosphere. This weather can be matched with a sweater cardigan or a sweater, and the split can show your legs.

Denim skirt

The denim skirt is highly utilized, and its inclusiveness is also very strong. Almost all items can be held. I believe many fairies will pick it.

Shirts and denim skirts are not wrong to wear, with some earrings, necklaces, sophisticated urban girl fan, leg-shaped little fairy to show the legs!

Plaid skirt

As a retro and fashionable one, the plaid skirt is favored by many little fairies.

The red plaid skirt has a strong Scottish atmosphere, and the style is more obvious. It is a bit complicated to use a striped shirt to combine the whole. It is not recommended.

Different styles can be interpreted by matching denim jackets of different colors with red plaid skirts.