Since she appeared in Zhang Yimou’s “Jinling Thirteen”, Ni Ni has been known to the public. She still remembers the cheongsam style of the sexy and sexy, and I still feel very sorry after seeing it again. Of course, in fact, she is completely out of touch with the enchanting in the movie, looks fresh and natural, full of sense of high quality, and the clothing temperament is very good, no wonder we can get everyone’s love~ and yesterday’s movie premiere, Ni Nie made a stunning appearance in an irregular black dress.

On the same day, Ni Ni wore this black irregular dress, and it was a beautiful back-to-back kill. It was a success that caused many netizens to marvel. It is really a fairy temperament. This figure is really enviable to make lemon into sour. Fine! On the left is a deep V-pleated short-sleeve design, while on the right is a thick metal shoulder strap. The silver-tone metal chain is all-in-one in the all-black shape.

It also has a big contrast with the design on the right, which gives the skirt a lot of fun and design. The black hair on one side, the graceful swan neck and the delicate jaw line, and the butterfly bone on the back prove Ni Ni’s good figure. The back is already addictive. Good temperament, high-level feeling. The contrast of the front of the skirt is more obvious, the elegant atmosphere on the left side, and the sexy personality on the right side, which perfectly presents a unique atmosphere and a sense of playful vitality.

The pure black hair of the back is a glimpse of her slim clavicle and straight shoulder line, plus a slim waist design that fits her waistline tightly, making the waistline even more profitable. a grip. Although there is not too much decoration, but the feminine smell of the body is about to overflow the screen, even the girls are fascinated ~ have to say that this skirt is really suitable for Ni Ni, full screen is long waist, long legs, No wonder everyone is envious of the deformation.

The skirt’s hem is a small fishtail dress with a hip. It starts to slowly tighten from the waistline, and starts to spread out in the thigh, so that the beautiful figure of the body is unobstructed and very embarrassing. The skirt has been extended to the ankles, and the delicate white feet are slightly exposed, and the high-heeled shoes are very sexy and high-grade. The soft fabric of the skirt is also very elegant, and the skirt is light and dynamic, giving a full imagination. , showing good temperament.

The classic red, white and blue lines are gorgeous and very flamboyant. To be honest, this set is not only easy to fat, but also accidentally very soily, but the hard life is Ni Ni wearing a fashion avant-garde feeling, convinced! The size of the horizontal strips, very bright, the same style of the same paragraph of the slim dress and short jacket, the full degree of harmony, straight design for the small waist Ni Ni has no control of the difficulty, showing her good figure.

The blue fine knit and blue pleated skirts make Ni Ni full of retro literary girl models, no loose shoulders with obvious shoulder lines, no body but very white temperament. Do not deliberately waist to create a waistline, directly stacked naturally, with the same color pleated long skirt harmonious sense of perfection, and the collision of materials makes the same color system has no tedious feeling, girlish bursting ~

Telling the truth, at first glance, except for the long legs that broke through the sky, it’s really invisible, slender and straight, it’s really enviable. Oversized blue suit, the length just covers the thigh root, directly when the skirt is worn to create a romper, the feeling of missing, make Ni Ni look more cute and cute. The blue and white shirts inside are the small highlights of the whole shape, echoing with the blue high-heeled shoes. The slender calf and white ones break the dullness of the skirt, casual and stylish.

Of course, Ni Ni is not close to her body and looks very fresh and sweet. With Ni Ni’s bright smile, I look more sweet and lovely~ The most praise is that her high-street atmosphere and high-quality temperament have made many people fascinated. Really a well-deserved temperament goddess~ After reading so many shapes, are you also fascinated by Ni Ni?