The main character to unpack today is a pair of Air Max shoes!Don’t underestimate Air Max, it is the ultimate plaything of the trending old cannon and toe OG.

The protagonist out of the box today is the “Kaleidoscope” of Shanghai in this year’s Air Max City Theme Series!

This year’s On Air Design Competition invited designers from all over the world to participate. The designer from Shanghai, Ru Qiu Shi, was inspired by the floating clouds. The layer of blue foil made the Air Max 97 the focus of everyone.

Don’t think that only 1/97 will take off. The popular code of this kaleidoscope has already soared to the price of 3000+. Unfortunately, the price does not take off by most of the friends, but it is suitable for personal use and collection.

The shoe box is a black On Air theme shoe box, not an ordinary red shoe box.

The parcel paper is also printed with the English abbreviation of several cities in the city series, as well as the Shanghai-themed card, echoing the theme.

The fresh sky blue is the eye-catching point of the whole pair of shoes, with the classic red hook, especially suitable for summer street!

The red hook on the side of the Air Max 97, the red end of the white lace, is particularly striking in contrast to the sky blue.

The edge of the midsole joint is covered with a bright suede material for contrast.

The characteristic flap design is the highlight of the whole shoe. The material is made of nylon-like plastic material. It is light and soft, and has a checkered pattern. There are a total of 15 pieces for every 3 pieces on one side of the upper.

There are also three buckles for the heel of the heel.

There are also 3 similar pull tabs on the tongue that echo the heel of the shoe.

The red hooks on the inner insole are also three. Why are all three? Because 3 represents the creation and change in the designer’s view, it is also the concept that these shoes want to convey.

Compared with the regular Air Max 97, it is absolutely eye-catching, and it is no problem with any style of socks.

The Air Max 97’s air cushion extends from the heel to the forefoot, and cushioning and comfort are among the best in the air cushion family.

Summer with shorts and brushing the street is the greatest respect for this pair of shoes! Also suitable for the toe caps to start collecting! Let’s get off the tide!