Gradually warming the weather, more and more summer atmosphere, taking advantage of the May Day holiday to reveal a beautiful back, take out the usual backless clothes that are not dare to wear, not only cool and stylish, but also very embarrassing. A pair of charming butterfly bones on the back are more sexy under the back of the back. This summer, the bare legs are still not cool enough, and it is more tangible to sneak out the beauty.

Come and see how the fashionista wears the open back.

Slim white backless top with pleated long skirt, simple and elegant, delicate and beautiful back style

Black, yellow and white three-color splicing straps are open-back, which can be elegant and sweet. This kind of personality is very trendy.

An elegant red sling backless, simple and elegant, and also very stature, the back V-shaped design, more elegant and stylish.

Bold white halter top with purple sports feet pants, white high-heeled sandals, sexy and energetic mix and match, full of moisture.

The basic black dress adds a detailed design of the back and straps, which not only adds a sense of style, but also is sexy and versatile.

The elegant silk texture of the sling dress, the back of the deep V backless design, show the curve of the shoulder and neck, but also make the body more bumpy.

A golden halter dress with Mules shoes for a casual wear. Full of holiday style, bold backless, showing the perfect curve of the back, sexy and horrible.

A green cross strap dress not only shows the beauty of the back, but also is more refreshing and stylish.

The elegant yellow dress is simple and elegant, with bold backlessness, showing charming lines and sexy butterfly bone.

The textured backless suit is sexy and stylish, not only temperament but also very good.

The personality of the white open-back shirt, with an irregular black skirt, silver high heels, personality and stylish shape, walking on the road back full rate.

A hat, a sexy open-back lace dress, a casual bag. This is what the holiday should look like, not only sexy and horrible, but also very eye-catching.

Putting on the back of the halter, the music festival and the seaside holiday can all be waved.