Speaking of Wang Ziwen, in the shadow of many people, it is a playful “little fairy.” The little man’s prince text looks strange and ingenious. In fact, the fashion trend is unambiguous, not only wearable, but also very good. Changeable style, interpretation of different fashion temperament.

Recently, Wang Ziwen often attends the event, let’s take a look at the trend of the little man Wang Wenwen!

Wang Ziwen wears a casual black letter print T-shirt, and wears a high-waisted blue ink denim skirt. The T-shirt is worn in a half skirt, which is simple and succinct. The chic, vintage jacquard saddle bag with an exotic style and full of moisture.

The prince is wearing a printed dress that is fresh and chic, with short hair, simple and refreshing, hand-carrying saddle bag, full of elegant temperament, revealing the natural beauty.

Wang Ziwen wore the Dior 1989 early autumn ready-to-wear collection to attend the event. The embroidered long skirt was gorgeous and chic, and the romantic and openwork design made Wang Ziwen add fashion charm. With her big back shape, the atmosphere is full and the president is very good.

The prince is wearing a red checkered suit, simple and succinct, with a lace V-neck shirt and black over-the-knee boots. The refreshing and clean shape reflects the exquisiteness and elegance of the little woman. There is a sense of sight of one meter seven.

Have you learned the prince’s wearing skills?