Recently, I saw a lot of small partners wearing short sleeves on the road.I am tempted to persuade everyone, the temperature difference between morning and evening, don’t be greedy.

Fashionable, warm, first article

Not warm in the morning and evening, frozen into two lines of tears

The temperature difference between morning and evening is large, and it feels hot and hot during the day. It is not good to wear, but it is good to wear more people.

This kind of headache is actually a good solution.There is no problem wearing a T-shirt, and a coat is put on the outside.


The problem is solved!

Haha, don’t rush to be speechless, maybe you are a fashion adult who will dress up like a fashion, but for small and most girls,

We are full of “lazy cancer patients”, good!

This kind of collocation that requires almost no thoughts, are you sure that you are not the gospel of lazy people?

The simple coat + T-shirt is also a choice for the season.

Not to mention that we are lazy, those female stars may even be lazy, and they all have begun to wear jackets + T-shirts.

In the face of the current season, female stars can be very good.

DiligebaThe pilot jacket has a white printed T-shirt directly inside.The feeling of slightly OVERSIZE seems to make her more lovely and moving.

Ni Ni wears this pieceBlack pure T with windbreakerThe color matching is also very suitable.

RoseWhite pure T+ thin coat with black pants on the lower bodySimple three-color combination, easy to relax, red packets make the shape also bright.

Gulinaza blamed the T-shirt for being a highlight.Black jacket with bright orange T-shirtAlthough the overall is relatively low-key, it also gives people a bright feeling.

In addition to these, no girl stars have such a match, it is no wonder, although simple, but it is very practical.

I don’t know if you have gotten to this kind of skill.

Although it is so simple as a jacket + T-shirt, different combinations will have different effects. If you look at these stars, you will know that there are different styles.

Quickly open the closet to see if you can feel a wave of tricks, jackets and T-shirts make your lazy people very fashionable.

denim jacket

The denim jacket is versatile and doesn’t need to be said in a small series. In the denim jacket, there are more items to be matched, and the T-shirt can be perfectly interpreted.

Like Gu Li Naza,In the denim jacket, we usually wear a white T-shirt, and the pure T without pattern makes people feel more sophisticated..

In the choice of bottoms, if you have confidence in your body line,Can use cowboy + denim up and down, maybe the effect will be more tough.

Tights can also be used. At this time, the large denim jacket is more suitable. The light-colored T-shirt can be used inside. Gray is also a good choice.

The lower body with the skirt can also add a lot to your jacket + T-shirt.


I found that the time to wear a windbreaker is getting less and less, and now this season is also a good opportunity to wear a windbreaker. It is very good to wear a T-shirt when it is not cold or hot.

Camel windbreaker may be the color of the windbreaker that everyone will start with, so you can go out with a white T-shirt, the combination is simple and very classic.

The windbreaker originally comes with a sense of style, and the simplicity of the T-shirt just makes it a fashionista.

Even if the windbreaker is equipped with a short skirt in the “outside length”, the T-shirt on the upper body can be well matched, and the color of the skirt is more bright.

Even a slightly dull windbreaker with a checkered pattern, with a black pure T can make you feel full and cool.

If you’re going to wear a light-colored coat, the choice of T-shirts can be a bit of a thought, and a printed T-shirt won’t make your overall look too monotonous.


Suits will be worn more in our daily work, and the matching of suits and shirts may also be a match for our suits.

But nowadays more and more people like to wear suits in their daily leisure, so if they are paired with T-shirts, they will not be as formal as they are at work, and they will have a street style.

Since the suit + T-shirt makes us more casual, it is also very suitable to wear a pair of jeans.

If you wear a pair of high-heeled shoes, is it cool?

If you wear a suit, it is more common to choose a white T-shirt, and the style of the neckline will be different.

The white T-shirt with the V-neck is not a moment more sexy, and the full-fledged girl can try it.

For the choice of the color of the T-shirt inside, in addition to the white T-shirt, we can also choose other bright color T-shirts according to the color of the suit, which will be more energetic.

Leather clothing

If you think that denim jackets, windbreakers and suits are not handsome enough, then the leather jacket is simply the ultimate murderous and handsome.

Jing Tian’s leather + mother T-shirt is very handsome, coupled with a pair of jeans on the lower body, is a handsome street style.

Black leather and white pure T are the best match.

If you are “black” like the whole body, the black T-shirt and the black trousers of the lower body are handsome and can be a lot thinner.

In addition to the black leather coat, the little fairies’ leather garments will also have pink ones. Such a light-colored leather jacket with some patterned T-shirts will have a good effect.