Two days ago, I walked on Changle Road in Shanghai and saw a team that was discharged from a clothing store. It has already grown to the side of the road~

The long line of beautiful girls, let me think that the girls only shoes are available for sale in limited quantities. After I asked, I realized that the famous Brandy Melville opened in Shanghai!

Cool girl standard

Brandy Melville is not unfamiliar to domestic girls, because bloggers have “studded” for it, and the high rate of appearance in the online world is simply our favorite cool girl standard, first of all, walking BM Grass machine – Kaia Gerber.

But oh, the item she wore, I advise everyone to plant grass carefully. Because on Kaia’s invincible figure, no Brandy Melville would be unsightly.

Such “Devil” representatives also include Kendall Jenner, Lily-Rose Deep, Hailey Bieber…

As for how to make domestic girls become BM fans, the biggest credit has to be our Nabi. In Ouyang Nana’s daily wear, Brandy Melville has almost become her most frequent Ding Fan brand.

There is also the same domestic girl representative Song Zuer, and the geese wearing the Brandy Melville top are also very beautiful!

Like the domestic blogger Iris, because of the often upper body, it has almost become the wild endorsement girl of BM~

The opening of the new store is also the first time to punch in!

Never use Haitao again

Brandy Melville, who almost captured the hearts of all the girls, finally came to the nearest place.Everyone naturally wants to fight after the first fight.

The Brandy Melville showroom in Shanghai has two floors. Why is it a showroom? Because they are only open on weekends (and occasionally will be empty), and they can’t pay on the spot after trying clothes. They must go to the official website to place an order and then mail it home.

Even so, someone will come to an early morning every weekend.The decoration of the showroom is also very typical of their family’s light retro, beach style, and there are many beautiful European and American sisters in the store, and the Brandy Melville girls are a big collection.

Slings, short T-shirts, high-rise jeans, vintage T-shirts, Brandy Melville’s signature pieces are all here.Extremely good to wear + good shot, I want to wait outside the fitting room for so long, that is, girls are patted inside.

Although the style of the store is very pleasing, I don’t think I have to go to the team that has been there for so long. Because Brandy Melville’s domestic official website is very convenient to buy, and free shipping! T-shirts, dresses, and basic BM models are all available. The price of many clothes is even cheaper than that of foreign official websites.

When I was writing, I sent the website to several female colleagues. I didn’t expect the feedback I received the next day—every two people placed more than one order, and a total of four girls bought silently. . (Not lie! And everyone miraculously didn’t hit the money!)

Why is Brandy’s curse escaped by every girl? The reason is very obvious – there is enough to buy.

“One Size Fit Most”

First of all, the reason why Brandy Melville called this name is actually a very romantic statement. It was inspired by an American girl named Brandy and a British boy named Melville, a love story in Italy. The founder Silvio Marsan was Italian, but the original creation of Brandy Melville was initially attracted to Brandy’s American LA lifestyle.

So everyone can see the pictures, Brandy Melville’s clothes are basically the first choice for everyone to go to the beach, very sunny California, and very revealing body ~

And Brandy Melville’s clothes seem to only “serve” for a good-looking seaside girl. Their slogan is “One Size fits most”, meaning that it is either thin or…

All the clothes have only one size – S number, and the short and tight design features can be regarded as a direct and rude weight scale, but why are so many girls will join the BM Girls Club because of Brandy Melville? It’s really beautiful and very wearable, shaping the image of a sexy and youthful girl, we really can’t say no~

Unlike other brands that rely on unique designs and prints to capture the eye, Brandy Melville’s style is basically simple.

Although lace and bow are not the mainstay of their family, it is terrible that the girl is still strong!

Even ordinary T-shirts and sweaters, because of the color of baby blue and girl powder, will make people want to buy.

A variety of small Crop Tops and slings are very comfortable and comfortable. No wonder many people say that no matter where you are, wearing BM can be turned into a California girl on the beach~

Especially the dress is not too suitable for a holiday, and the mood will be better~

Leopard prints and florals can also be handled completely cheesy, but instead have a sense of neighboring home.

Girls who are smaller than us, it is good to choose clothes in Brandy, because most of their clothes are short, and they are put on a long-term ratio.

Even the bottom is basically a high waist! The design of all kinds of trousers such as tooling jeans and wide-legged cool is the most popular nowadays.

If you want to be a BM girl, how can you not enter a piece of their own plaid? Almost as a classic design element of Brandy Melville, plaid skirts in a variety of colors are perfect for summer wear.

There are also plaid trousers, also high waist, straight, modified leg type, will not look thick legs, with Brandy’s own basic top, is a retro look ready to go out~

On the simple and direct official website, there is a column called “pattern”, which is the print of Brandy Melville. Whether it is a sweater or a T-shirt, BM printing is always very attractive. The retro pattern is combined with elements such as bands and cartoons. You can just poke your appeal for printing.

Even the winter coat is very pleasant, mainly based on the tooling style, it is very suitable for girls to practice the street style.